Belly Timber

Life in the Slow Lane


You're a small business owner, selling handmade soaps and candles out of your own home. Now, BellSouth wants extra fees for fast lane access. You can't afford the fees, so your online shopping cart crawls at a snail's pace. You lose customers, and it's only a matter of time before you have to shut down your business for good.


You're a musician, who once had a growing fan base on MySpace, but now, AT&T's fast lane access fees have been passed along to MySpace users and you are charged a premium for every multimedia file you add. Your website is now silent and your fans move on.


You're ill and you need to do research on the medicines that could either save your life or destroy it, yet the only medical websites you can easily access are the ones controlled by major pharmaceutical companies. You know other crucial information exists, but what was once readily available has now fallen through the cracks; lost in the slow lane of sites that fail to load or have vanished off the web for good.


You're a freelance investigative reporter and your attempts to access and the Sunlight Foundation fail because Verizon has removed these two websites from their content package at the request of the same government officials you happen to be investigating.


You're a photographer.

You're a law student.

You're a teacher.

You're a film maker.

You're a food blogger and this is your website.


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